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December 10, 2018
terrible terrible most horrible +++ shit
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December 10, 2018
I'm fairly certain nobody asked for this. And I'm DAMN sure Sony didn't want to make it. But here we are. The Girl in the Spider's Web is the latest (and probably) last film adaptation of the Millennium franchise. If you may recall a decade ago, a trilogy of books written by Swedish author Stieg Larson gained a cult following internationally, which was followed by a modestly successful low-budget trilogy of films made in Sweden. Not to be left out of the action, Hollywood (in this case Sony) bought the rights to make their own version of the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In what could have been a disaster (See: The Snowman) we instead got a generously funded picture helmed by David Fincher, and scored by Trent Reznor, hot off the success of The Social Network. It was another modest victory for the franchise, making a small profit and several academy award nominations, winning one for film editing. But that wasn't enough for Sony, who wanted an unrealistic $500 million, and refused to back a sequel with comparable cost. Meaning all the A-list talent (Fincher, Reznor, Rooney Mara, and Daniel Craig) walked out the door. Any sequel would be made on the cheap and would not be a priority for the studio.

And that's precisely what led us to this pass. The Girl in the Spider's Web. An ill-administered film made years after the franchise had faded, based loosely on a book not written by the creator of the series, by a studio indifferent to its success, and a team not suited for this kind of picture. But credit must be given where it is due. Claire Foy commits admirably to make the best of a doomed situation and must be commended for courage under fire. She is the third actress to play the heroine Lisbeth Salander, and while she is easily the weakest version, she still gives a capable run, dying on a hill no else cared to defend. The film itself makes an inexplicable error - it tries to become an action film in the vein of the Bond series or Mission Impossible. While the Millennium novels have always had connections to 007 (look it up) Lisbeth Salander's adventures were always small scale and slow-burn mysteries. Both the series and the character are ILL EQUIPPED to deal with the game of shadowy terrorist organizations, stolen nuclear codes, dodging explosions, rogue NSA agents, hallway firefights, and chases involving motorcycles and supercars. I shit you not. That is the plot of our Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel.

There is a scene early on in which Salander does what she does best - punishing the shit out of assholes who abuse women. And that's probably the best scene of the film, because it is the only one with any pulse. While it's obvious that they probably should have made smaller scale versions of the rest of the original trilogy instead of this misfire, I'm not sure they could even accomplish that. Some characters from the series return in dramatically altered form, such as Mikael Blomkvist, and are largely given nothing to do. Fede ┴lvarez was successful in his attempt to remake Evil Dead for the 21st century, but it's clear that he was given little freedom here, as there is little to no artistic stamp present. Gone is the neurotic, but charming claustrophobia of the Swedish trilogy or the cold, slick beauty of Fincher's film. What we have is a lifeless, pointless piece of drivel filled to brim with action and double-crosses, yet it remains boring and inert. I highly doubt this is going to get any academy awards. I can't even recommend Spider's Web as a rental or on Netflix. You have better things to do with your time.
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December 10, 2018
It´┐ 1/2(TM)s a weird feeling walking into a movie and already having the perspective it was a mistake to make. Needless to say, there were both low expectations and very little desire to see The Girl in the Spider´┐ 1/2(TM)s Web , but the fact director Fede Alvarez (2013´┐ 1/2(TM)s Evil Dead, Don´┐ 1/2(TM)t Breathe) was at the helm did offer some hope.

While this new Lisbeth Salander story isn´┐ 1/2(TM)t actively bad it is a rather dim film both in terms of its aesthetic and some of the decisions both the plot and its characters make. Examples? Sure-within a single scene we´┐ 1/2(TM)re led to believe that a main child character is something of a genius and also that he wouldn´┐ 1/2(TM)t know better than to take the bait of his dead dad calling his cell phone which is of course a ploy so the bad guys can track him.

Alvarez also gets a screenwriting credit alongside Jay Basu and Steven Knight ( Locke) and while there is a sense of some symmetry, some poetry even, to the writing there simply isn´┐ 1/2(TM)t that solid hook that pulls one into the mystery of it all as a good crime thriller or murder/mystery should. There are some really brutal and fairly creative moments in terms of the many kills that happen and the sometimes extreme emphasis on the violence of those situations, but how much of this should be credited to the screenwriters and how much comes from the David Lagercrantz novel is uncertain. On the other end of things, some of the action Alvarez stages is borderline incomprehensible and Foy, for all her effort, gets to actually act in maybe one scene.

Why Sony wouldn´┐ 1/2(TM)t cut Fincher´┐ 1/2(TM)s budget in half and let him continue his franchise with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig will always be something of a mystery, but in attempting to re-boot the franchise (with only an $8 million opening weekend I think we can safely assume this franchise is dead) Sony has made a movie that was both a waste of time for them and, unfortunately, the small audience that will venture out to see it.
½ December 8, 2018
I don't understand the low ratings for this stylish, engaging flick. Not perfect, but the script is serviceable with subtle character shading, wonderful photography, casting & music, and good performances all around.
½ December 8, 2018
All I have to say is that I was completely, utterly, and throughly disappointed. in this film.
December 7, 2018
Whereas The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo aimed for complexity, nuance and rawness, The Girl with the Spider's Web settles for being a boring conventional espionage film.
December 6, 2018
Setting and cinematography is sometimes enough for a film to be successful in my book. I can see where some would feel that this type of story has been told before. Regardless, I found it enjoyable and although tired when entering the theater my attention didn't waiver for a moment.
December 5, 2018
Abomination . . . pretty much

If you have read the book, The Girl in the Spiders Web, and are looking forward to seeing the book's plot and characters come to life on the big screen, you will be sorely disappointed. In fact I was so disappointed I could not fathom how author David Lagercrantz would agree to have his very fine novel so horribly depicted.

The only similarity between the book and the movie is found in the name of the characters. The plot in the book has been totally ignored to the point where I can only assume the writer of the screen play apparently didn't even bother to read the book.

One of the key characters in the book is August Balder, played by Christopher Convery in the movie. August is a severely autistic child who is unable to speak. I think he uttered one or two words in the book; however in the movie he is a real chatterbox and exhibits little of the traits of the character in the book.

Claire Foy takes a run at the Lisbeth Salander character, but simply isn't Lisbeth Salander as portrayed in any of the now five books that define her.

Sylvia Hoeks and the movie's make-up department apparently didn't read the book either. In the book Camilla is described as an extraordinarily beautiful, classy woman who certainly stands out in a crowd. In the movie Camilla is made to look like a rather ordinary commoner which is too bad, because there is no doubt Sylvia Hoeks can be a very stunning woman.

The movie is a huge disappointment. Save your money and read the book. That's where you will get real value if you are a fan of the Millennium Series, plus two.
December 5, 2018
'The Girl in the Spider´┐ 1/2(TM)s Web' is a murky, conventional thriller which despite a committed performance from Claire Foy fails to rise above its generic flair.
December 5, 2018
Boring - dull - Overlong - Terrible Plot. Entire Plot is based on the chance.
½ December 4, 2018
This movie isn't for the people who have read the book, as complicated story and confusing direction, but for action set pieces and stunts are breath taking, only worth it for the action and characters.
½ November 30, 2018
Strong First half, very bad second half. And a Villain that deserved more.
½ November 29, 2018
This isn't based on an original Stieg Larsson, but once again Hollywood sanitises an excellent novel and presents a two dimensional lying on the sofa movie. Just as they did with Rooney Mara's version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, they have produced a sanitised and sterile action movie where you fail to engage with the characters. I found that I had little empathy with Lisabeth and Mikke has disappeared altogether. That said, for anyone viewing it as a stand alone movie, which may well be a significant part of the audience in the US, it will prove a very enjoyable couple of hours and some of the action sequences are superbly shot. I just felt it was a movie full of missed opportunities which too many things left on the pages of the book.
½ November 27, 2018
After a trio of Swedish films and a David Fincher remake, this reboot from a new and considerably cheaper team, has Lisbeth Salander back in action as she is caught up with a MacGuffin that purports to control the world's nuclear missiles via some cyber mumble-jumble. So far, so generic Bond/Bourne fodder. Fede Alvarez, the director and co-writer in charge this time, is adequate, but he hasn't got Fincher's touch and artistic flair and his grey and sombre imitation of Nordic noir in a mainstream Hollywood film is exactly that, and his perfunctory take just plays it too safe and uninspired. Claire Foy, in her continual quest to show range and distance herself from The Crown, is no doubt a good actress; and while she is fine as the new Salander, she brings nothing new to the character, and frankly, feels like a substitute, compared to both Rapace and Mara. The ludicrous plotting, based on the new book by David Lagercrantz, lacks subtly and sophistication, and pales in comparison to Steig Larsson's original trilogy. In short, there is little demand or justification to this film's existence, and even though on its own merits, it's not a terrible film, it only succeeds in being sporadically thrilling and tense. While not exactly stellar reviews that the film has received can help lower expectations, but sadly any resulting benefits are frittered away by unforgivably spoilerific trailers that tell you all of its plot twists and even reveal who the mysterious villain is. Without those horrendous trailers, it may scrape into 3-stars territory, but there's hardly any suspense or joy left in watching a film after it's been spoilt this badly. May I suggest, for the next instalment if there's one, The Girl Who Takes Out The Trailer Guy.
November 27, 2018
With a thrilling plot the characters involved do not seem to do make the matters all that critical compared to the smartest hacker in the planet that thinks 3 steps ahead in every situation.
½ November 26, 2018
Did not compare to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but was filled with enough character development blended well with action-packed scenes to keep me interested in the plotline. Overall, this wasn't a movie that I would want to see again. In my opinion, they could have grabbed the audience's attention more enticingly had they gone further in-depth with the relationship between the two sisters earlier on in the movie. After several years apart, there just wasn't enough to make the stare-off on the bridge a critical point in the film, which it likely should have been.
November 26, 2018
Great framing, stylish action scenes but with a horrible villain and a couple extra characters that drag the story.
½ November 26, 2018
A beautiful looking movie but beyond predictable and quite frankly unbelievable at many times
November 25, 2018
Clare Foy makes a better Salander than I was expecting and the first half is quite exciting and tense, but the decision to use only the bare bones of the novel's plot in favour of generic chase, crash and explosion scenes is misguided. And tapping briefly on a laptop increasingly seems like magic as it solves any problem in seconds. Not the best "Girl" movie, but ok.
November 25, 2018
This movie is a mixed of Watch Dogs and James Bond, that used the characters name from the Millenium Collection, forgetting about all perks and traits that make the Millenium Collection good in the first place.
As a stand alone movie is quite watchable, but if you're a fan of the books (1 to 3), or the previous movies, you will be dissapointed.
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